* Human rights
* film
* travel
* languages
* people
* Japan
* animals
* TV
* documentaries
* reading
* learning

Favorite Movies

* Once Upon a Time in America
* Pulp Fiction
* True Romance
* Mystic River
* The Departed
* The Reader
* Fightclub
* Blue Velvet
* The Game
* Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
* Cinema Paradiso

Favorite Music

* Kings of Leon
* Ben Harper
* Jack Johnson
* Moby

Favorite Books

* The Wizard of the Nile
* Rebels in the Backlot
* Scar Tissue
* Norwegian Wood

Blogs I Follow:
An Average American Patriot
CineForm Insider
Current Events
Darfur Daily News
David Brown
Hillary Muheebwa’s weblog
Hillblogger 3
milk carton pop stars
NGO News Africa
Styled By Lisa
Sudan – News and Analysis by Eric Reeves
The Anti-Slavery Project

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